Yesterday marked four months since we first met Lydia in person and today marks four months since her adoption was finalized! In many ways, these months have flown by. Lydia is a delight and we have been greatly blessed with how easily she has adjusted. It is truly amazing! Emotionally she has done so well. She grieved hard while in China but soon after arriving home just fell right into place.


Once we arrived home, all the medical appointments began. Her pediatric appointment was scheduled before traveling so we got in the next Monday. Unfortunately that morning she spiked a high temp and we learned she had horrible ear infections. That likely contributed to her extreme unhappiness on the flights home. It took two rounds of antibiotic, 3 pediatric visits, and 2 ENT visit to get infection and ear wax under control. We also learned during those ENT visits that her tonsils and adenoids will need to be removed (praying for a miracle). Meanwhile, we also made our way quickly to the Cardiologist and learned that her CHD was exactly as suspected and as her file reported. On August 28th, she had a heart cath during which they placed an Amplatzer Device to close the PDA. The procedure was successful as far as we know. We will go back for follow-up in November.  Her tonsils cannot be removed until at least six months post heart repair.



Since her PDA repair, we have seen increased energy and she has become a normal 2 year old. She loves to answer “no” even if she really would like something. She will definitely cry or pitch a little fit. But overall, she really is a pretty easy child. She sleeps well, eats well, goes with the flow mostly, and keeps us laughing.  She has also gone from 18 month to size 3T.  We are blessed beyond imagination.



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