Love Makes a DifferenceOur hearts are so full as we consider that we have had this precious angel an entire year! She lights up our days in so many ways. Just look at how she has grown and how healthy she looks! And she is. Only God could do all this for us and for her!

A summary. . .In 2014, God began to heavily burden both of our hearts to return to China for another child. I cannot say that is was not with some trepidation that we looked through the list of possible special needs. And we knew we had to have at least a five year old since we were getting older. But to our surprise, God clearly showed us our daughter who was not even two and had a special need listed that was on our definite “no” list. But we both had no doubt she was our daughter so we moved forward. I can honestly say that we just went forward in faith and not knowing fully what to expect. We just knew that if God said she is our daughter then she is our daughter. Again, He provided every step of the way. We worked hard to raise extra money and completed every possible grant application. Each time, again, we had money just as we needed it. It was hardly ever extra or early but perfect! The entire adoption process took just nine months and in that time God provided an extra $30,000. But He also provided His amazing peace throughout the process, during our time in China, and once we return with our sweet daughter. She has been home just over a year. She has had two surgeries and numerous doctor visits and therapies.  But at this point, she is healthy! She is rapidly catching up developmentally and amazes us every single day! As we look at her with immeasurable love in our eyes, there is one thing that continually is shocking to think about. That is how different her life would have been without the medical care and therapies. Even how short her life may have been. She had a heart defect that would have radically changed her life had it not been repaired. Things that are considered relatively simple here are most often impossible in the life of an orphan. So what we see staring back at us is HOPE. Beautiful miraculous HOPE in lovely brown almond eyes.



My little sister is swiftly approaching 3 years. She has grown, changed, and her personality has come out piece by piece as we discover something new about her and she explores her little world. We have found that she LOVES bubbles, coloring, playing outside, pretending, and reading. Recently she has discovered having ice in her water and even doing gymnastics! (Well, trying to.) She loves to play around and have a simply great time. She has learned to communicate quite well, although she has definitely hit the terrible twos/threes. Lydia is also a kind, loving, and trusting little sister. (Example: whenever we say we have a boo-boo, she wants to come and kiss it.)

At first I was jealous, but God taught me through Lydia true love, kindness, patience, and to be responsible.  I learned there is ALWAYS room for one more and even though Mom and Dad love Lydia too, it doesn’t make them love me any less; it doubles, triples, and quadruples their love for BOTH of us. Now they have a big sister that loves and cares for her sister and a little sister that loves and trusts her sister so much that she wants to do everything big sister does. Lydia has taught me, even though we weren’t born to the same family, we are sisters by heart ties.

“Not flesh of my flesh nor bone of my bone, but still miraculously my own.  Never forget, not a single  minute, you didn’t grow under my heart, but in it.”                          -Fleur Conkling Heyliger

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