Today, I was talking with a sweet friend. Our discussion was about how important it is that the church do the hard things and not stop just because they are hard. My friend mentioned that we are often let off the hook so to speak. Someone will say you have done so much. . .maybe you should take a break. Or you have been through such a hard season. . .don’t keep too much on your plate. But is that not directly opposed to what the Bible teaches. Yes, we need time with God every single day. It is critical. You cannot pour out of an empty vessel. Yes, we all need rest. But rest does not include quitting. This is something we have thought about and prayed about so much. We have had to as our family has been through some challenges that would make it easy to quit.

As the church, we cannot quit. We must keep doing whatever our part is at the time to help. And that can look different for different people and different seasons. If God is not calling you to adopt, then please don’t adopt. If He is not calling you to foster, then please don’t foster. These things are hard even when you are called and often impossible without God. But if He has called you to one of those things, then please don’t be disobedient. You are desperately needed!!!!

Aside from the big two, there are more ways than I can possibly include on this page to help and get involved:

  1. Mentoring – This could be a child who is in foster care or at risk. This could also be an adult. Did you know that adult’s who grew up in foster care or even were adopted often need a mentor. You could also mentor an adoption or fostering parent. Coming alongside someone and giving a bit of yourself is such a meaningful and sometimes life changing thing to do.
  2. Give gift cards (Walmart, Sams Club or restaurants are some of the best), car seats, diapers, clothing, etc to a fostering or adopting family. It is so expensive when you receive a new child or children into your home. This helps families say “yes” more often.
  3. Send a note or make a call to encourage a family.
  4. Take a meal.
  5. Offer babysitting.
  6. For adoptive families, give money or help them raise money for the adoption. Other than DSS adoptions, most can easily cost $30,000. Many of these children have special needs that require additional expense. If you are donating a large amount then ask about donating through a non-profit which will help when it comes tax time. But I am telling you from experience that every little bit counts and God can multiply!


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